Screencasting 101: Turn Students into Teachers

Nneka Robinson
Session Description:

Screencasting is the video capture of everything happening on a computer screen combined with audio narration. With the use of free tools, a headset, students and teachers can create instructional videos to narrate or explain concepts across the curriculum, then publish them to the web for their own and others' learning. Screencasting can be used to demonstrate procedural instructions and create tutorials (e.g. "how to format your paper" or "how to create a pie chart in excel"), capture brainstorming sessions, etc. If you can see it on a computer screen, you can screencast it.

Student Screencasting:

MathTrain -

Mole Analogy Project -


Khan Academy -
YouTube Edu

Teacher Screencasting:

Physics -
Chemistry -
Math -

Flip Teaching

Screencasting Software

iPad Screencasting - Show Me

Other screencasting tools -
Bamboo Tablets

Interactive whiteboards

Vanas Presentation