Jenny Broad
Woodward Academy
College Park, Georgia

Meeting the needs of individual students while providing them with quality instruction is a challenge for every teacher. This presentation focuses on incorporating some of the principles of differentiated instruction within the classroom while using the existing school curriculum (or making minor adjustments to it).


What is Edmodo?

Edmodo can best be described as, "a social learning network for teachers, students, and parents." Edmodo looks and operates similarly to Facebook, which is a very appealing feature for many students. Teachers can post homework assignments on Edmodo for students to complete, and students may later submit their assignments through the site. After each student's assignment is viewed by the teacher, a grade can be posted. A group for each class can be created, and teachers can easily add students to each group. The flexibility is there to even create sub-groups for further differentiation.

Edmodo app for iPad and iPhone

Google Treks

Sample Google Trek
Use GOOGLE CHROME as your web browser when creating your trek for maximum flexibility in manipulating the data in your map.

View Unsolved Mystery Places of the Americas in a larger map

Step-by-step instructions for creating your Google Trek

Sample Organizers

Create your own Jeopardy Reviews

Comic Life

Comic Life is a program that allows users to create custom comic strips or arrange photos in a scrapbook format. Images can be very easily added to a comic strip and manipulated. Template comic panels, lettering, captions and balloons are also major features of the program.

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Sample Pagebook Project

High-Interest Reading Materials

Jamestown Outer Edge and Wildside

Differentiated Instruction: Storyboarding